Making Sarah Cry Courage Quotes

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Even though the poem “Making Sarah Cry” and “Don’t Give Up the Fight” both have courage as a theme, they still have their differences. One of the differences is that the main characters completed different actions to reach their goal. In “Making Sarah Cry’ ”, Sarah stands up to her bullies and even helps one of them when they are being bullied. But in “Don’t Give Up the Fight”, Ava told her best friend about what was happening, who told an authority figure and solved the problem. The theme courage is evident in “Making Sarah Cry” because when the main character, Sarah, builds up enough courage to stand up to her bullies, she is even able to help one of her bullies by getting rid of his tormentors. The text quotes:”The funny faces that she made and the way she’d stomp her feet. Whenever they mocked the way she talked, or the stutter when she’d speak…” These bullies picked her apart and Sarah was able to build up the courage to stand up to her bullies. She even helped one of…show more content…
Then Lindsay tells an authority figure knowing that it would help Ava. The text quotes:”...I described the teasing at practice, the lack of acknowledgment, Mr. McCoy laughing at me…’Would Mr. McCoy and Jacob Stone please come to my office immediately?” Lindsey helped her friend and solved the problem by getting Mr. McCoy punished. Looking at the situation, the main character would need a lot of courage to tell a friend, let alone an authority figure. The text quotes:”Each afternoon’s track practice became more and more unbearable...Mr. McCoy only celebrated the boy’s accomplishments... My teammates were ready to attack as soon as I made the simplest mistake…” This proves that Ava had a lot of courage because everyone on her track team was against her. Even her coach didn’t care as much as he should
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