Making Sarah Cry Poem

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In the story “Don’t Give Up The Fight” and the poem “Making Sarah Cry” there is a common theme of being different. In “Making Sarah Cry” the boys judge people based on their appearance, though in “Don’t Give Up The Fight” the boys on the team judge Ava because she is the only girl on the track team. They show the theme differently by their characters actions. In “Don’t Give Up The Fight” Amy doesn’t stand up to the bullies until her friend tells her so, in “Making Sarah Cry” Sarah stands up to her bullies when they bully the main character. In “Don’t Give Up The Fight” the theme is being different. The theme is being different because in the text it says ”he had asked about the track team and I had commented that the boys seemed to hate me.” This shows the theme being different because she is trying to ask her dad what she should do because she thinks that the boys don’t like her because she is a…show more content…
In “Making Sarah Cry” the bullies judge Sarah and the main character because they look and act different. In the poem it says .”And so he gladly joined their fun Of making Sarah cry But somewhere deep within his heart, He just never knew why” this is showing that he knew that he didn’t know why he was doing it and that he could stop any day but he didn’t. Another piece of evidence is that “The funny faces that she made And the way she’d stomp her feet Whenever they mocked the way she walked Or stutter when she’d speak” This is where he is pointing out when she would do things or naming everything she would do that would trigger the bullying. This is significant because he is thinking and he knows that he does it for no reason. Even though making fun of sarah was funny but he had some doubts to begin with. In this poem Sarah decides to stand up to the bullies when they start bullying the narrator she says “Leave him alone you bullies, Because he is a friend of
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