Making Sarah Cry Poem Theme

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Literary Essay The poem “Making Sarah Cry” and the passage “Don't Give Up The Fight”, have a common theme of Friendship. For instance the main characters of both “Making Sarah Cry” and “Don't Give Up The Fight”, have to go through a stage of bullying, and also the main characters solve the problem by standing up for themselves. These two pieces of text differ because in “Making Sarah Cry” Sarah influences the bullies and in the text “Don't Give Up The Fight” Ava’s friends influence her. In the poem “Making Sarah Cry”, the theme is friendship because poor Sarah is getting bullied by someone who eventually becomes her friend. She is getting picked on because of her disabilities. When the person who was bullying her gets picked on she stands up for him and tells the bullies that they are mean and should not be doing this because she knows how it feels. This shows friendship because even though he did bully her, she knows being bullied hurts. so, she stands up for him so he doesn't have to suffer what she once did. In the passage, “Don't Give Up The Fight” the main character is Ava, the only girl on the track team. Ava is getting bullied by these boys on her track team because she is different and not a boy like them. Soon after that, or later on in the story, Ava talks to her mom and her friend to discuss…show more content…
This differs to the passage “Don't Give Up The Fight” because, Ava is the main character and she deals with bullying just like Sarah did but, Ava doesn't stand up for the bully, she stands up against the bully by sending some of the boys to the principal's office. These two pieces of text also differ because they both are written differently because “Making Sarah Cry” is a poem and “Don't Give Up The Fight” is a realistic fiction
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