Making Sarah Cry Summary

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Making Sarah Cry & Out Of My Mind At first, glance Making Sarah Cry & Out Of My Mind might seem like two different books, one is about a girl who is bullied and one the life of a girl with cerebral palsy. Though they have their differences it is visible that they share a common theme of always doing what’s right. In the poem Making Sarah Cry the author shows us even though the boy had once bullied Sarah she stood up for him when he was getting bullied. She knew that it was the right thing to do. At the start of there was a game called Making Sarah Cry that was played amongst Sarah, against her will, and the other kids. They played it because Sarah was different from the others. She was slow, not that smart, and to them, it seemed like she was born without a heart. The boy joined in because he knew that if he didn’t bully her as well then he would be bullied as well. He played the game even when he heard his mom in his saying, “Treat others with respect, son, the way you’d want them treating you. And remember when you hurt others, someday someone might hurt you.” In the middle of the poem, the boy gets hit by a car while he is riding his bike. In results, he is out of school for about 2 months. When he came back to school there was this huge scar on his face and he had a dreadful. limp. Through, through all of this the main the that was on his mind was to play a game of Making Sarah Cry. Instead, when he went to recess, he got a big surprise. The kids who he had once
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