Mako Shark Adaptations

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Mako Sharks are unique animals, they are the fastest shark species we know of. Mako sharks have special characteristics to survive on their own. Their habitat is very diverse in all central oceans. They have adaptations to be able to respond to their surroundings quickly. The Mako shark species is about to go endangered and we need to protect them.
Mako shark 's body is shaped to swim fast. They have a long slim body to allow the mako shark to swim up to 40 mile per hour(Sharks World, 2015). Their back ranges from a dark blue to a purple with a white belly. Male mature to be 2 meters maximum, females mature to be 2.6 to 4 meters long(Carson, 2015). Their average weight is 551.61 pounds to 1,102.31 pounds. The mako shark 's skin is smooth which helps the shark to swim as fast as possible.
Mako sharks are very diverse in where they live. For example,
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They do not always stay in the same place their whole life, so they need to respond to things that may hurt them or prey they can catch. Makos are constantly moving so they need to quickly respond to what 's around them(Klein, 2006). Makos are what we call a game species, which means people hunt makos for fun(Rake, 2011).
Mako Sharks consider humans as their biggest threats. Mako sharks are currently listed as Vulnerable species(Beardsley, 2015). A vulnerable species means if their their birth and deaths rates decrease, they will become endangered. Humans hunt Makos for sports and food(Gray, 2014). For example, they make shark fin soup with Mako sharks. To protect the Mako Shark species, they are protected by U.S. waters(Beardsley, 2015).
Mako sharks are fascinating animals. They have long, slim bodies to enable them to swim at fast speeds. Makos live all around the world in central oceans. They have special adaptations they use to help them survive. Makos are currently being protected by U.S. waters. Mako sharks are quite amazing
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