Maladies By Jhumpa Kapasi: Influential Identities

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Influential Identities Each person’s characteristics are rooted within identity. A simple migration can change one’s identity, gradually changing their characteristics. The short story “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri tells the tale of an American family visiting India. The family enlists the help of translator Mr. Kapasi on their trip. Throughout the trip, Mr. Kapasi observes the family, and learns a lot about the family -- from the smallest details to elaborate stories. The interactions between multiple aspects of identity evidently has an impact on the lives of the family, both in the past and the present. The story takes a stance on how two contrasting cultural, social and personal identities can classify each person as affiliating with different groups, providing reason for the story to be placed in the Identity unit rather than the Hybridity unit. The differences between Mr. Kapasi 's and Mr. Das’s greetings show how their differing…show more content…
The author uses multiple aspects of the Das’s family identities to show how identity influences their life, therefore earning a rightful place in the Identity unit. Using cultural, social, and personal identities, the short story shows the importance of identity and how it uniquely shapes each and every person. Identity also shapes groups of people, as shown with the Das family and their American identity. While migration is present in the Das family’s history, the majority of the story focuses on the identities of the family. This evidence compels to believe that the story should be in the Identity unit because of what it taught me about the importance of identity as well. I learned how one choice in your life can change and shape who you are, and how every person’s actions and lives roots itself in identity. The story shifted my viewpoint on myself as well, teaching me that certain decisions that I make in my everyday life can stick with me for a long time, shaping and influencing my life in an instant, or

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