Malala Accomplishments

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“I believe the gun has no power at all.” That was said by Malala Yousafzai, “the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban.” She is known worldwide as a women’s rights activist, Pakistani, and the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner. Her childhood affected her accomplishments, of which there were many, which in turn affected the world. Malala grew up in a school. She always loved going to school. Her father was also enthusiastic about school, and opened one of his own, which Malala attended. The school had a rough start, though. In her book it says “Here a girl can go to school,” That’s what she used to say. But the Taliban didn’t like that. Malala continued with her education, and it let her do a lot. Many women around the world cannot get an education. Malala has done what many cannot. She took a stand and was recognized for it. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, but did not win. She was nominated in 2014, too, and this time she won. She is the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She also won the Simone de Beauvoir Prize, which is for standing up for women’s rights, in 2013. Another award she has collected is the Sakharov Prize for Freedom…show more content…
Many people say she has inspired them. In a review from her book by Senator Gabrielle Giffords, from Times magazine’s annual list of the “100 most Influential People in the World”, says “Like millions around the world, I draw strength from brave Malala’s example… Malala is a testament that women everywhere will not be intimidated into silence. We will make our voices heard.” Malala is a young girl who has accomplished many things and believes strongly in family. She has spoken out and inspired many. She knows that without education, none of that would be possible, so she wants to extend that privilege to women and everyone around the world. Not everyone gets to go to school, but Malala is trying to fix that, a little at a
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