Malala Girls Education

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Is Malala A Girls Education Teen Activist?


Malala is a teen activist. This means she stands up for something and takes action. Malala stands for girls education. In this chapter you will learn how Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize, how her father was always there for her, and most importantly how Malala never gave up. This will show Malala is a teen activist.

Malala’s Story

As I walked up to the podium a chill went up my back. I already knew that there were many people watching me and I would be on T.V. In the 2nd row on the right a young boy was chanting my name. I heard him. He was saying “Malala, Malala, Malala”. A little farther back my mother and father were sitting with some of my friends. I stepped up and smiled.
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Malala’s father was there for her even though it was a scary time. Ziauddian kept faith that Malala would live and go back to doing what she loved. He was proud of Malala for standing up for what she believed in.

Malala Never Gave Up

Malala is a teen activist and a teen activist needs to never give up. When Malala was younger she was deprived of education. She had a passion and that was to give the right of education to others.

Also she didn't give up when others didn’t believe in her. Some people didn't believe Malala could make a difference but she didn't let that get to her. She kept going and it is a good thing she did because now she is helping girls around the world get an education with The Malala Fund--a way to help pay for girls education. Even when Malala was shot Malala did not give up. I believe that when Malala was shot she only got stronger.

Furthermore, Malala didn’t give up when she was shot. She only got stronger and made the Malala Fund. She got many donations and educated the world about the problem in Pakistan and many places around the globe. It is important not to give up but become stronger in what you believe.
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