Malala Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Malala is known for her couragous battle to fight for education for the children in her country, but to me i know her for something else. The way she conveyed her message using rhetorical strategies is how i know Malala. She makes the reader experience in his or her mind what it is to live in pakistan. Malala used very good rhetorical strategies to convey her message and to inspire many around the world, including me. To begin with, Malala used a lot of pathos to convey her message. To start it off, she began by using pathos while explaining her life in Pakistan. An example of pathos she used was “The taliban threatened my father. Now I was afraid” (Malala 51). This caused the reader to feel worry for Malala’s father because…show more content…
She uses imagery to add more credibility and to make the audience be aware of what actually happens in Pakistan. An example that she uses imagery to convey her message is when she states “ That night a streak of bright white light flashed across the sky, lighting the room for a second like a flashbulb on a camera. Boom!... We drifted off to sleep” (Malala, 58). This made the reader picture in his mind what goes on Pakistan. Now, this ties into her conveying her message because this tells her audience what she has to live through everyday because the taliban wants to destroy everything that according to them is not islamic. Another example of imagery that Malala used was “When I was in Swat, it was a place of tourism and beauty, suddenly changed into a place of terrorism” (Malala, 2014) in her famous Nobel Peace Prize speech. She is using imagery in this because she begins with describing Swat as a place that was beautiful and full of tourism from around the world. She then compares it to how it is now, a place of terrorism, a place where no man, women, and children are completely safe. This ties in to Malala conveying her message because in part of her message she wants peace, with that in mind, she uses this to project an image to her audience of what the Taliban has turned Swat
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