Malala Rhetorical Analysis

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Malala has made a big impact on many people based on her perspective about education, she is in fact an outrageous role model. Yousafzai’s outgoing thoughts and knowledge have caused a significant influence which is more than sufficient to understand the true concept of attending school to receive an education and having equality. Though, there are several people who strongly disagree with her argument, there are others who support every single step she takes. Malala enforces the seriousness of the outcome people who obtain an education receive, especially women like her. Malala is a woman who fights for her rights as well as for the rights of others, as she contends, “I am here to stand for their rights”(Yousafzai, 2014), the phrase gives her audience a sense of power by asserting she will always fight for what is right. Therefore, her strategy to achieve her main purpose sets many reasons for individuals to look up her and understand her purpose. Malala’s rough life was an experience that brought her to where she now stands, she is a woman with power who suffered from inequality and lack of rights. As her voice and thoughts on education are projected, the level of knowledge people gain is increasing and it has changed many people’s perspectives through rhetorical strategies. Malala is a victim of cruelty that occurred in Pakistan, a place fulfilled with immorality caused by the Taliban. Yousafzai’s life is an influential example, that attracts motivation due to a violent
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