Malala Yousafzai: A Young, Poor School Girl

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During the time of war, many people around the world found themselves in prison. Many of these poor people were only in prison simply because of where they came from and what race they were. The jews suffered in concentration camps for many years. Many people were left dead after the horrific events. But many others survived. For many of the survivors, the key to freedom was to simply stay positive. Anne Frank was a young girl who was sent to a concentration camp and while she was there, Anne learned the best thing to do while in hard times, is to stay positive. While many may argue that it didn't help her because she ended up dying, she made the best of her situation. Malala Yousafzai was also a young girl who was faced with very hard times but yet still…show more content…
Malala Yousafzai came from being a young, poor school girl to being one of the most inspirational women figures in history. Malala grew up in a small village with not much money. Her father was the owner/principal at a local school that taught young girls and boys. Where Malala grew up, many people believed that it was a sin for young girls to get an education. Malala believed they deserved the choice to go to school. Malala and her family fought for what was right until one day, Malala nearly almost lost everything. Malala was shot point-blank on her way home from school. Malala wasn't expected to survive her injuries and the people around her began to think all hope was lost. During this time her family knew the only thing to do was to stay positive. 5 years later Malala still continues to inspire people while traveling the world. Malala and her family knew the only path to survival was a positive attitude. So everyday they looked at the positive aspects of things, instead of focusing on the negative. Malala once said, "If you're climbing a mountain, while facing down, you'll never get to see the reward of what lies
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