Malaria In Nigeria Essay

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Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases prevalent worldwide and can be transmitted by bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Nigeria is the country with the largest malaria problem, it is known to kill 300,000 people each year - and 97% of the people living in Nigeria are at risk of catching the disease. ( Nigeria being an under developed country, with inadequate health care system, diseases like Malaria would affect the economy of the country greatly. As Nigeria is a tropical country, with high humidity and off and on rainfall, makes the environment a conducive for the mosquitoes. The temperature also favors the development of the malarial parasite inside the mosquito causing the parasites to complete their growth cycles. Evidently, this is a problem that needs solving. Malaria is caused by parasite of the plasmodium kind out of which the P. Falciparum is the one that causes the most death. When a female anopheles bites an…show more content…
ACT costs $10.3 (papers.ssrn), which makes it unaffordable to the most of the public as 70% of them live on less than $1.25 everyday. Because of the poor country that Nigeria is, communication methods are bad, as there is a lack of education, the Nigerians do not have much knowledge about this medicine. Implementing the costly treatment to the nigerians can further effect the economy of the country which is already poor. Currently, to prevent Malaria, the World Health Organization (WHO) is distributing nets for free to citizens; they can work to distribute the medicine to the malaria disease.

Because the method of treatment is so costly in Nigeria, instead of treating the disease, prevention methods are much more effective. Spraying the breeding grounds with insecticide can kill these mosquitoes, as well as distributing nets, mass campaigns to educate people about malaria prevention is a better

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