Malaysia Airlines Case Study

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Study of the effect of downsizing on employees in an organization.

Using the information gathered from the employees of Malaysia Airlines Berhad, this research was conducted to study of the effect downsizing on employees in an organization, to review the need to downsize in an organization and to study the criteria of the individuals who are no more required in an organization.
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the study
The aim of this study related to study the effect of downsizing on the employees in an organization which is in Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAS)
Downsizing refers to the diminishment of an organization 's work power. There are many reasons for this need to downsize, ranging from business downturn owing to market recession, poor management, inadequate planning or increased foreign competition as well as takeovers, mergers and divestments (Flude, 1994). This methodology has picked up popularity since the 1980s for organizations hoping to cut expenses during tough economic times. Its most regular structure comes in employees layoffs, which lessen finance costs for the organization.
Downsizing may likewise include covering a few operations or offering certain employees early retirement. Employees downsizing is a nightmare feared by most of the employees working in the corporate world. Not only that, employees nowadays will have to reconcile with the ugly realities of the corporate world and they may have to be

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