Malaysia Airlines Case Study

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Malaysia Airlines is the national airline of Malaysia which serves a variety of domestic and international routes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Malaysia Airlines previously named Malaysia Singapore Airlines until 1987, the airline is working with Singapore until Singapore secede from Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines not take long to move forward to become the number one cost in Malaysia either in the domestic or international routes. In international routes, Malaysia Airlines farthest World record breaking journey from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur with a Boeing 777-200 ER with a distance of 20.044 km in 21 hours 23 minutes, on 2 April 1997. On December 4, 1977 became the first plane to crash with Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 crashed in the village of Field, Tanjong Kupang, Johor, Malaysia after hijacked by communist wing terrorist group, the Japanese Red Army. All of the 93 passengers and 7 crew members died in the crash. After that, incident aviation accident while landing at Tawau Airport due to wind breaker which resulted in 32 dead and 2 wounded on 15 September 1955, Malaysia Airlines move forward and again become the number one choice of the people of Malaysia until On 8 March 2014, a fatal accident that became the beginning of Malaysia Airlines downturn began. Malaysia Airlines plane with flight number MH-370 route from Kuala Lumpur international airport towards beijing, china lost contact with Air Traffic Control. This eliminates the incidence of 227
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