Malaysia Footwear Industry

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In recent years Malaysia economy from a commodity based economy transformed as an industry based economy, and there are minimizing the dependence on imports of raw commodities and increase for import of processed or finished products which import from the effectives exported nation example from (china, India, Italy).As such, in the recent years, this phenomenon has taken effect on the fashion industry including the footwear sector. The footwear industry in Malaysia even went through an extremely challenging period but it now still managed to maintain a positive growth of 8.7% with producing estimated 700 billion pair of shoes in a year. As more and more foreign investors are penetrating the market, in its frequent year based on
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The Malaysia need to be improve and no rely on those old days traditional low labour work. It need to be more innovation on the design and production in effective to gain profit and grown this sector to remain competitive. The problem of quality if human capital to generate in quality on research and development with better branding and marketing approach are the most consider required in Malaysia leather industry.
India are the second largest global supplier of footwear after China and the fifth production of leather in the world market. The research has estimated about 13% of global leather footwear-909 million pairs, leather shoe uppers as about 100 million pairs. Thus, nearly 95% of its production has goes to meet its own domestic demand, as remain production are export to global market. (United nations industrial development organization Vinna,
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Other locally available raw materials must also be considered when they offer opportunities for innovation and value addition. Leather Company may can innovate and leather of customized made for consumer and it may production some Limited edition of leather shoe or Leather bag, it helps to increase the product value because “limited edition” in consumer mind set as exclusive. It also can be design, advertising and marketing those highest income of household in Malaysia.
Due of international business, establishing a good relation and get the confidence of trust is an important concern topic. In the supply chain of business, the company policies should be ethic and have a reputation on business acting, when in the form a good recommended company the company have to using technological to generate the quality of goods are always the high quality and no cause any environmental pollution. By using the technologies of computerize system to well contact with the supplier and consumer, such as sending some greeting of seasoning and updated the promotion or introduce of new forming

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