Malaysia Health Care System Case Study

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1.1 Introduction to the Health Care System In Malaysia
The health care system is defined as a complex of facilities,organizations and trained personnel engaged in proving health care within a geographical area. Malaysia inherited a health system from the British upon independence in 1957 but with services based mainly in urban areas. Health care services were expanded as a post-independence priority, particularly for the economically disadvantaged and the rural population.
Health centers are provided for, one per 15 000 to 20 000 population, while community clinics are one per 2 000 to 4 000 population. Currently, Malaysia’s health care system can be classified into both government-run universal health care public system and a co-existing private health care system. The private health sector provides mainly curative and diagnostic health services in urban areas. In fact, most primary care in urban areas is currently provided by private
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Vaccination is also provided for the newborns and children up to age 15.
Roles and Responsibilities of the staff at the clinic
As can see in the organisational chart,The Head of Klinik Kesihatan Seremban is the District Health Officer (U52,is in charge of all health services and administrative matters in the district and is assisted by district health officer U52 and a medical officer U48. Other members of the clinic staff include Medical Assistants, Nurses, Community Nurses, Assistant Nurses, Radiographer,Pharmacy Officer, Lab Technician,Health Care Assistants,the Public Relation , Assistant Clerks , Drivers, Cleaners and Security Guards.
Personnel Role/Duty
Medical Officer • Provide initial assessment ,diagnosis, treatment and management to

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