Malaysia Tourism Case Study

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Introduction There are attractive places and food in Malaysia, and Malaysia welcomed 27.4 million tourists in 2014, compared to 25.7 million in 2013. In this one year, Malaysia’s tourists increased 6.7% compared with the previous year (Koumelis, 2015). Despite this wonderful achievement, Malaysia got catastrophic incidents about MH370, MH17 and the murder of policeman in sabah. According to Chen (2014), after the incident of MH370 which disappeared with 239 people on the way to Beijing, 30% of Chinese canceled booking to visit Malaysia. It can be said that these incidents have given big impact in the world and Malaysia Tourism Arrivals. This report shows what kind of factors have been affected by these incidents, and how hospitality industries can rejuvenate Malaysia image. These incidents have influenced various factors in Malaysia such as politics, economy, and social factors and so on. From the facts which were found this report shows the opinion and recommendation…show more content…
The engineer of the Langkawi Sky Bridge has informed the ministry they have a choice to keep the Sky Bridge open and care about the safety of the tourists or close the bridge and start the maintenance until the bridge can be reopened to the public again (The Star, 2014). The sky bridge closed also make a lot of tourists and local get upset. However, Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd (PLSB) chief operating officer Mohd Ali Makkit said that the customers’ safety is the top priority even instead of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (Chua, 2014). In the earlier stage, The Sky bridge were predicted to reopen in December 2014 but the reopening was postponed in many times due to the bad weather and lack of financial resource. In February 2015, the Langkawi Sky Bridge reopened. The Langkawi Sky Bridge has closed for 30 months in total, but only some of the part opened for the tourists (The Star,

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