Malaysian Culture In Ramayana

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MALAY LITERATURE Malay culture had been influenced by Indian and Arab, especially in terms of literature. For instance, Sanskrit words like agama, syurga and neraka are still used in modern Malay literature. The Indian epic, Ramayana, is also was translated into Jawi script and named as “Hikayat Seri Rama.” The mixing of various foreign cultures and literature into Malay made it more colourful and interesting. In addition, Penglipor-lara or story-tellers became important in Malay villages . They entertained villagers with tales such as the stories of good looking princesses like the moonlight, Pak Pandir, Pak Belalang, and Sang Kancil and also the journeys of heroes to fight with monsters.Penglipor-lara was an expert in arts of lying to attract villagers to listen to his story. The setting for the tale was at local places, but the main characters were from other countries like Rawana from India, Mat Jenin and Abu Nawas from Arabia and Persia. Moreover, there are also epics that were adopted from India like “Hikayat Sang Boma,” which is actually the story of Bima. The important lesson from the storytelling is related to spreading of the good values that can be learned from the tale. Furthermore, Islamic literature was very popular around 1600 A.D, especially “Hikayat Nabi Yusuf” which is considered as one of the oldest texts in Malay language. Some of the other stories are the narratives of “Hikayat Nabi Wafat” and “Hikayat Bulan Berbelah.” “Kitab Tajul
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