Malcolm Gladwell The Science Of Shopping Analysis

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The present essay is in the reference of the article “The science of shopping” written by Malcolm Gladwell, the famous writer from New Yorker magazine. His appeal to this article was the study of retail anthropology which was acknowledged by Paco Underhill, a psychologist that study environments. Retail stores has an obvious intention- convince and attract a customer as much as they could purchase. If we start to study as a whole there is so much to know about shopping behaviors and the knowledge we can extract upon how the thinking of people’s get affected by an environment. The only reason of Paco Underhill’s success is that he observe those details which usually we do not notice and avoid while conceder to analyze buying and selling. Being an obsessive and young psychologist he expressed his unique thoughts as a science of displaying and storing products at outlets. These were specifics about success and failure upon the philosophy of retail anthropology. This theory also concluded the reactions of a customer behavior upon certain changes. The author gave some useful examples to quote his explanations and to elaborate what exactly happen. These are some live events and some are described in his thoughts and experiences. The study has an example of an airport-well designed and has a gift shop at right side and a food stop on left side. The illustration upon locations, to adjust a places over left or upon the right side is always depends. It is always about the people

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