Malcolm Gladwell's Choice, Happiness, And Spaghetti Sauce

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s Ted Talk “Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce,” he uses rhetorical devices like pathos, logos and ethos to argue that the people can’t always explain what they want or what will make us the happiest. Gladwell talks about Howard Moskowitz and how he helped Ragu to understand that there is no ‘good’ tomato sauce, but the one a single person prefers over another. There should be lots of variety, because all different types of people have their own preference and being the company that supplies it would give you the upper hand. By talking about Howard Moskowitz, Gladwell is using ethos. Moskowitz is a credible source, making the argument Gladwell is trying to convey convincible. Gladwell also uses pathos while he tells
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