Malcolm Little Boy

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Malcolm Little Born on May 19, 1925 was a little boy who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, but later on moving to Lansing Michigan. The reason why they moved to Lansing was because one night the Ku Klux Klan came to Malcolm house threatening to harm his father for spreading the Pan-African message of Marcus Garvey. His dad refuses to leave until Malcolm was born. When he was born, they finally decided to move to Michigan when they got there trouble seemed to follow. When they moved to Lansing they were already being harassed by the “ Black Legion”. The Black Legion saw the Little family as “uppered niggers” because of his dad 's dream for wanting to own a store, also for living outside the Lansing Negro district, and for spreading unrest and dissention among "the good niggers.". So one night when Malcolm…show more content…
They tried to say he committed suicide but they knew the real reason why he got killed. When the head of the house is gone who is gonna be there to support you? Problems like this stressed Malcolm and his family because there dad was there to provide even though he had life insurance the company didn 't have to pay which made his older brother wilfred started working. Money was tight in the family Malcolm 's mom got a job until they found out who she was and fired her. Malcolm mom hated hand out that 's why she didn 't want to go on welfare her pride wouldn 't let her. So some night they had to settle for what they had to keep their stomach full at night. Seeing that she couldn 't take care of her kids welfare was trying to put Malcolm and his relatives in foster homes because his mom couldn 't prove to the states that she can take care of her kids. Through the process of this she got a boyfriend he provided for the family but later left because he felt as if he couldn 't had this much responsibilities that came with taking care of kids and also they weren 't his. This made Malcolm 's mom
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