Malcolm Wheather: Overcoming Obstacles

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No matter how someone may be living their life there will always be obstacles to face. Everyday someone may face an obstacle they come across by and figuring out how to overcome something. Wheather it is a work related obstacle or a school obstacle there are many possibilites and opportunities to over come these series obstacles. Malcolm X wasn't an ordinary inmate in a prison. From being in a prison he was trying to become an educated man. He didnt know how to read or write and since he had all the time in the world to do something while in prison he decided to learn how to read and write. The way he taught himself to learn to read and write was very different compared to most people. Instead of being in a classroom with a teacher…show more content…
He couldn't write straight so he also started to write down every single word down on a sheet of paper to improve his writing skills. Within the days he spent at the library all he ever did was try to improve his writing. After all the rewriting the words from the dictionary It seems to be like now a days college is getting more and more stressful for students. Speaking as a college student myself it is difficult to work full time and come to school four times a week. Procastination is becoming a bigger issue in the education system. To staying up till midnight or till the next day catching up on homework or studying for quizzez, exams, finals! Malcolm X faced the obstacles of trying to learn how to read. He had a lot of time on his hands so he wanted to and decided to teach himself how to read. Although, Malcolm didn't have the ablity to read , he didnt allow the fact he never had the opportuinty to expand his vocalbury to . he took matters into his own hands and started going to the library where he would get the dictionary and learn every single last word in it. That was one of his obstacles that he overcame by commiting himself to better himself in his literature. When Malcolm was learning all the words he also
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