Malcolm X: An Extreme Leader Of The Desegregation Movement

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An extreme leader of the desegregation movement, where he was hailed as the true leader of the group. He advocated for violent actions against white people, and his supporters viciously attacked some leaders of white groups. Those who did not agree with his extremist philosophies said that he preached racism against whites. Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in 1926, and his father died six years later. The circumstances surrounding his father’s death are mysterious. His mother was placed in a mental hospital when Malcolm was thirteen, after which he lived in a series of foster homes. At age twenty, he was arrested for petty larceny and breaking and entering. In 1947, while imprisoned he became a member of the Nation of Islam. Once he was released, he changed his name to Malcolm X, stating “Little was the name that the white slave-master had imposed upon his paternal forebears”. In the summer of ’52, Malcolm rose to a prominent position at the figurehead of the organization. He headed many on the nation’s affairs from then on. The nation supported black supremacy, and rejected the civil rights program on the basis of integration. …show more content…

He then disavowed racism. In the fall of 1964, he was hunted by the Nation of Islam, during this period he took the iconic Ebony photo. In the summer of 1965, the FBI received an anonymous tip that said, ‘Malcolm X is going to get bumped off’. Three weeks later, his husband Betty Schatz said, ‘My husband is as good as dead’. Malcolm X himself even stated “The nation of Islam is actively hunting me

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