Malcolm X: A Charismatic Leader

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Register to read the introduction…To be a human being. To be given the rights of a human being. To be respected as a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary (Malcolm X). The movie takes place in a time full of discrimination and racial violence. During this period, African Americas were socially, economically, and politically oppressed by the ruling class, the white people. They were excluded from the things in society that make life worth living. Racial discrimination often relegated them to low-paying jobs such as carpenters, waiters, and maids etc. Otherwise they were thought to only participate in criminal activities. Thus, they could never get ahead, always living in poverty generation after generation even after they were supposed to attain freedom with the end of the American Civil war in 1865. Their struggle to achieve liberty persisted way into the next century and African Americans were extremely angry and they have been angry for a long time. For social change to occur for the liberation of African Americans, a charismatic leader needs to commence, and the population has to be willing to accept the leader’s beliefs. Sociologist Max Weber held that a charismatic leader entails someone who has a large vision, magnetic style, strong popular support, and is an astonishing person. Malcolm X inhabits all of these characteristics which makes him fit the criteria. Malcolm X’s devoted, tenacious, risk taking and optimistic attitude and his superhuman appeal produced a charismatic leader which lead to social change for African Americans in the civil rights…show more content…
His mission of “Black Power” and the emancipation of African Americans from their oppressors gave his followers inspiration and hope for the future. Malcolm’s magnetic style had influenced his followers to support his large vision especially due to the fact that it was in the climate of despair. The outcome of the oppression of African American people, laid the foundation for Malcolm’s political agenda. Discrimination and economic oppression was nothing new in America, but Malcolm propelled this notion by persistently incriminating the white people for all wrongs within American Society. He was perhaps one of the most controversial leaders of the period whose ideas opposed the opinions of most iconic figures today. However, through his transfiguration, social critique, activism, and oratory that built upon the thoughts and feelings of the majority, he became an honorable African American, without whom, African Americans would never have achieved pride and equality in both this nation and across the world
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