Malcolm X Speech

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The people of America have been grappling with the problem of racism since the colonial times. With the development of the Civil Rights Movement, many leaders and figureheads have taken upon themselves the idea of unifying the black race and helping them gain equality in their own personal ways. Recently, the country is witnessing the rise of Malcolm X while as he works with a rather aggressive approach to get the black community their well-deserved rights. In ‘Not just an American problem, but a world problem’, a recently given speech by Malcolm X, he has openly accused the colored communities of manipulating the media with their tactics of ‘image making’ and hence, playing a very significant role in undermining the position of the black race.
There is no doubt about the fact that Malcolm X believes in dealing with the dilemma of this racial prejudice in an aggressive manner. While reflecting back at his childhood, it seems that his beliefs and ideas are inspired by Marcus Garvey since his father himself was pro-Garveyism. Hence, most of Malcolm’s views at the moment are also seen to be revolving around the theory of separatism. To those who would listen, he has been preaching the idea of all white men being devils and how the blacks need to unite together to cause a revolt against their oppressors. And it is the fruit of all these ideas
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At any instance, it is difficult to decide the black and the white areas regarding such a debate, for there are mostly a lot of grey. Both the approaches have come as a necessity to the community and it is too soon to decide what the future holds in place. However, if asked to make the choice, I would most likely accept the offer of working under the wing of Malcolm X and help make a difference in any way I can, for I believe that a man such as Malcolm X when driven by such great aims and motivation comes off as a brilliant package for achieving the desired
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