Malcolm X Barrier Of Education

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Coming from a family that struggled to make ends meet and represented passion regardless of all the obstacles. Education was always important to my family when they first arrived in America. Being able to succeed in this outrageous world in which opportunities are limited to those who want to achieve something greater, is a barrier that can actually be broken regardless of where you come from; if you put your mind to it and honor the hard work being pursued, good outcomes can come from it. Both Malcolm X and Christine Marin overcame obstacles, which led them to exceed in their education and language barriers. In both having their similarities they also have their differences when it comes to how they were able to succeed in both education and…show more content…
It wasn’t money, and it wasn’t the life of a thug. His missing peace had to do more with an impulse in knowledge, a new way in which he could express himself and be satisfied with the outcome. For example, “Many who today hear me somewhere in person, or on television, or those who read something I’ve said, will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade. This impression is due entirely to my prison studies” (Malcolm 143). Malcolm X was able to teach himself the importance of education, and at the same time develop a language in which he could properly address others; regardless in what situation he was in, he pushed himself to receive the education that he was always missing. In Spanish Lessons by Christine Marin, encountered a similar obstacle in which not only her education and language were being tested, but her ability of not being able to communicate with others is what made her want to empower and strengthen her knowledge. In her essay, “Homemade Education”, Christine Marin describes how her difficulty in communicating with customers was a struggle because she was not able to respond back in her native tongue, which was Spanish. This made her want to improve her ability of communicating and practiced the language even more (161). Both Malcolm X and Marin similarities demonstrate that there is always a solution to…show more content…
Although, the teachings were not the same as when I entered elementary school. While being tutored at home, I would learn my alphabet and numbers in Spanish. When I was enrolled in school, I would learn my alphabet and numbers in English, along with other subjects. As I grew older, I could understand most of my assignments being given to me, the difficulty about it sometimes would be that I had homework in Spanish and in English. To some this would be fun, but to me it was a lot more work that had to be turned in. Education and language come in many different ways some of us have the opportunity to sit in a class and take notes, while those who are having difficulty being able to receive the same education are struggling. However in the case of Malcolm X and Christine Marin they were able to fight off those obstacles and knew that life had a
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