Malcolm X Contributions

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People might wonder what was so great about Malcolm X and what made him who he is today? Malcolm X was an inspiration towards African Americans. He led by example and stood up for his rights. He wanted change and worked his hardest for black people, like himself, to have fair opportunities as white men had. His assassination did not fall short because he did everything he could during his lifetime for African Americans to have equal rights and was one of the most influential leaders towards black men. Nobody could’ve led an organization better towards freedom than he did. Malcolm X had an impact in his early life, great accomplishments, and his examples of leadership.

A first thing to remember is how Malcolm X’s early life affected him and his family in many ways. “Malcolm X began to study the the teachings of Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad.” When he started studying about the Nation of Islam, it turned his whole life around when he was in prison. When he became a member of the NOI (Nation of Islam), he started preaching and spreading his message around the world which made people in the NOI start following him. Another example is when Malcolm X’s house burned down in 1929 and his father was found dead. In the article, Happy Birthday Malcolm X, Civil Rights Activist, “His mother suffered a breakdown and was put in a hospital, so Malcolm, his brothers, and sisters all went to foster homes and orphanages.” When his house burned down, he realized that white people
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