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Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little became a drug dealer and thief after dropping out of the educational system. He later went to prison and after spending multiple years in the prison institution he developed a higher religious level of education from the nation of Islam. He immediately became a member and spoke their beliefs to the people. Malcolm later on found out the true colors of the organization and was unpleased with the actions they associated in. Malcolm X’s decision to break away from the nation of Islam and speak on his own beliefs and his efforts to encourage African American people to defend themselves at any means necessary against acts of racism, was no justification for his assassination. First, as…show more content…
He was religious and holy and he fought for people of color giving them a voice. Malcolm stated, “ We are not fighting for integration, we are fighting for recognition of human beings, (Sharp 53).” Also Malcolm X stressed the fact that color people should be able to defend themselves using any means necessary against racism in the time period. He believed that in order to create an equal balance of respect between two colors violence and politics would be the solution Perry claims, “He mobilized black America’s dormant rage and put it to work politically, (Perry 380).” Malcolm X uses the second amendment to justify his beliefs and to back up his reasoning for the ideals he states. Malcolm informs people listening to his speech by, “Article number two of the constitutional amendments provides you and me the right to own a rifle or a shotgun. It is constitutionally legal to own a shotgun or a rifle. This doesn 't mean you 're going to get a rifle and form battalions and go out looking for white folks, although you 'd be within your rights — I mean, you 'd be justified; but that would be illegal and we don 't do anything illegal” (Malcolm X 389). This means Malcolm X was technical and stayed within the law. The right to bear arms against white people was considered
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