Martin Luther King Heroism Analysis

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When people think of a hero they would instantly think of someone who is strong, bright, attractive, and brave. According to earlier analysis, various different qualities and potentials than these become obvious. Bravery, trustworthiness, courageousness, unselfishness, and the drive to try and put effort in something are just a few of the several overlooked and unnoticed qualities of a hero. The definition of heroism changes according to the situation and time. Heroes of the past are not necessarily considered heroes of present time and the same goes around. A person also doesn’t have to kill anyone, overpower a foreign land, or risk his life to be a hero. A person who influences and leaves an impact to anyone else by rescuing or helping save another person’s live is a hero. Martin Luther King Jr. transformed and improved the lives of millions of people by bringing justice to a small group of people. Malcolm X’s impact is felt is that he is one of the first voices to speak of America’s “crisis of representation”. One of the greatest heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, managed a…show more content…
was a familiar civil rights organizer and activist who had a heroic and splendid contract of inspiration on American civilization in the 1950s and 1960s. His strong belief and certainty in non-violent objection eased set the tone of the movement. Protests, and parades were ultimately successful and efficient, and much law was approved in contradiction of racial judgment. Martin Luther King’s achievements are numerous and uncountable. Some of his main accomplishments involved being a follower and supporter for nonviolent objection in the Memphis sanitation worker strike, offering leadership in the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955, his famous and recognized "I Have a Dream" speech, being contributor in starting the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in 1957, which was an organization for civil rights that supported and maintained the philosophy of
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