Malcolm X: An African American Hero

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David Remnick wrote, “A poll showed that eighty- four percent of African- Americans between the ages of fifteen and twenty- four saw Malcolm as ‘A hero for black Americans today.’ The video for public enemy “Shut ‘ Em Down” put Malcolm’s face on the dollar bill. A vivid, but secondary figure in his own lifetime, Malcolm X had achieved the status of an icon”(Remnick). Malcolm X was loved by the black community and though to be a hero among African Americans during the 1960’s so the people honored him in the movie “Public Enemy”. Malcolm X achieved his status within the community by advocating black pride and trying to end black suppression. He also inspired many Black Americans to come together to stand for equal rights, as a result, he gained…show more content…
Malcolm X was destined for greatness the day he was born. He came into this world May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of four, he moved to Lansing, Michigan where he would experience poverty and rebellion. He further made his situation worse by becoming incarcerated. From this near fatal mistake he overcame his troubles and educated himself and learned why was ended up in the position he is in. While in prison Malcolm took up studying the Islamic religion and changed his ways of thinking to become the idolized man he was and still is today. Notably, Malcolm X had to overcome many hardship and racial boundaries. In Malcolm’s young years he and his family were tortured by the KKK and forced to leave their home and move to Lansing, Michigan (King and Rummel). At such a young age the events that took place in lansing will impact malcolm for the rest of his life. In lansing, Michigan when Malcolm was just 4 years old the KKK came for him and his family, they set his house on fire and even at 4 years old he remembered it his whole life as a…show more content…
Malcolm X had a vigorous early life and through the help of the Islamic religion he was able to live a life of wisdom and knowledge. Malcolm was living a mis-guided life in boston and consequently he was dealt a 10 year prison sentence. When in prison Malcolm X was influenced to convert to the nation of Islam by his family. The Nation of Islam gave him a new outlook at life and motivated him to become educated. Before Malcolm X started his studies underneath the religion he was a naive and self centered person but shortly after his conversion his demeanor changed drastically. Within the prison Malcolm started holding seminars and teaching the religion to other inmates and he soon gained a large following and become well
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