Malcolm X Learning To Read

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class, we discussed about Malcom X and the essay about learning to Read. Some of themes that we talked about was motivations, challenge, discrimination, courage and disciplinant. I expect before I started to read that who was Malcolm X and what did he do? 2. The writer is Malcolm X and one of his experiences of ethos, Legos, pathos is that he was a writer. The power of writing. He started to write and waited for a response. My opinion of Malcolm X is that why was he a writer and why did he waited for a response of someone special. 3. I did my annotating.  4. A.I expect that the reading is going to be about who was Malcolm X. Why was he important. Was he a famous person? Why was he in prison? B. The author main purposes are that why was…show more content…
I agree with the author because not everyone has the abilities to read and write being in prison. It something he had the courage to do. He was a strong man to do so. C. The author is using persuasive because it makes it more interesting the story of Malcolm X and how he makes it interesting. Makes the reader understanding to read. D. I overall reaction to the the story is that anyone would love to read and write being in prison. It is important, if someone who doesn’t know how to read try to practice. Practice makes perfect. I learned that when someone doesn’t know how to read or write try to practice reading and writing. Get a tutor to help you in this situation. E. The topic is important because someone who is willing to practice reading and writing would love to read this essay. It will help you learn to read and write. I would love to read this essay if I were you. 10. Some of theme synthesize with this assortment was courage, discrimination, motivations, disciplinant. The Aristotle’s 3 Appeals connects to the reading by the Logos it gives a lot of information of Learning to read. Some evidence and some important details. The pathos is that some of the feeling is right someone that wright to learn something. When someone doesn’t know something they feel bad because they get teased at
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