Malcolm X Movie Analysis

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“Malcolm X”
Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” takes viewers through the life of Malcolm X from the time his mother was pregnant until after his death, when his legacy lives on. This movie captivates the audience in a way that sheds light on the way one person can change someone’s life while also offering insights to the Nation of Islam. At the beginning of this movie, viewers are introduced to Malcolm Little, later to be known as Malcolm X. One of the first people who viewers see change Malcolm’s life is his teacher. This scene displayed the two sitting in the classroom where Malcolm tells his teacher that he wants to be a lawyer. His teacher tells him that being a lawyer is too high of an ambition for him, even if he does have the best grades out of all of his classmates. His teacher proceeds to explain that it would be in Malcolm’s better interest to think about working with his hands as a carpenter. This is the first instance in which we see one person change another person’s life. Since this conversation was included in the movie, viewers can infer that the reason that
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and his mother. In defense of his mother’s honor, Malcolm chose to slam a glass against this man’s head, knocking him to the floor. If this man had not stirred up Malcolm, he may not have met his next big influencer, West Indian Archie who was watching as this fight took place. After the man falls to the floor, Archie proceeds to invite Malcolm over to his table where the two had their first “business meeting” of sorts. At this time, Archie decides to take Malcolm under his wing and teach him the Numbers game, which was an illegal form of gambling. If Malcolm had not stumbled across the man who disrespected him and his mother, he might not have been invited to sit with Archie, who would also make a major impact on Malcolm’s

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