Malcolm X On Black Militancy Analysis

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Popularly addressed is the topic of racism towards Muslims or towards blacks. But, never have people addressed the issue of racism towards black Muslims. To be Muslim or black in America seems to be somewhat of a crime; these two ethnic groups endure the hardest obstacles while trying to survive in this country. But, has one ever wondered what obstacles black Muslims endure. While observing, I understand that most black Muslims are not very well accepted and looked upon as aliens. Not only do they not fit in, per society’s standards, but they receive the most hate from black non-Muslims and Muslims who are not black. With the results of the recent presidential election, it is important that society be informed of this information. Although being presented with alarming information, this issue of oppression will not be easily solved. Because racism has lived and aged for centuries, one cannot just abandoned the ways he was taught. With this information, I was curious to find out exactly what…show more content…
Located on Google Scholars, “The Influence of Malcolm X on Black Militancy” by Frederick D. Harper is an excerpt that explains the viewpoints of blacks during the time of segregation. While reading this article, I learned that Black Islam is a separate religion than Islam. Elijah Muhammad mainly taught black Islam. This all-black religious sect was mainly spoken to black militant leaders (Frederick D. Harper). This excerpt has taught me that during the time of segregation, Black Islam was not really a religion. Black Islam was a civil rights movement. Also, as time changes, Black Islam rapidly starts to fade away. Since this movement is no longer an “issue,” there is no solution to the problem. Because of going back in history, the events previously mention causes one to think of an excellent
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