Malcolm X Reflection

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Reading is such an important part of life. If you can’t read, you might as well be mute. How could you ever express yourself? Your ideas, your emotions, and passion? Malcolm X (who was, at the time imprisoned.) he “expressed being frustrated with his inability to express himself clearly.” (Malcom X 640) He was envious of Bimbi’s complete literacy and wanted to imitate that knowledge. When he tried to read, the words to him were an enigma. With him only being able to decipher a couple of words. What did he do then? Give up and deny himself knowledge? He found a dictionary, where he then wrote and memorized every definition in the book, building himself and his vocabulary up.
Unlike Malcolm X, I didn’t need the motivation to improve my literacy
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Books hold so much power and potential to anyone who simply reads them. I remembered when I was middle school, I would always carry Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. When it was time to go outside and play, I would go underneath a tree with shade and read. My peers would stare, flabbergasted that one of their own was just sitting down and reading instead of playing. One of my friends even came up to me one day and asked me, “Why do you read so much?” I would answer back, “Because it’s fun.” The look of confused horror on her face almost made me laugh. There were times when I tried to persuade her to read with me, she said she hated reading and didn’t see the point of it. With me being young then I never thought that there were people who didn’t like to read, I always thought of reading as one of the greatest gifts we could bestow upon…show more content…
We had to write about hate groups, and how they affected people around them. After hearing about this, my anxiety levels went through the roof, in middle school, we wrote no more than two paragraphs. To say that my confidence in my writing ability was low, was a bit of an understatement. I could state my ideas as good as anybody else. Putting those ideas onto paper, however, was something that has always eluded me. So, at that point, I knew that I needed to learn to write better if I wanted to get any further in my education. I decided to sit with my teacher to improve my
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