Malcolm X Rhetorical Analysis Chapter 11

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The aAuthor’s purpose of Malcolm X from chapter 1 through chapter 11 is self transformation. The idea that Malcolm X gained a better sense of his identity through learning to dance. Malcolm's transformation started when he moved to New York;, he was surrounded by his own kind. Hhe had never been around of a lot of black people and when he went back to Lansing everything that white people said about African Americans bothered him because that's when he started his self transformation (p.153). The author opens the chapter with the paragraph written completely in a slang to show how Malcolm used to talk when he lived in Boston: “S shorty would take me to groovy frantic scenes in different chicks and cats pads ,Where with the lights and juke…show more content…
Shorty was one of the biggest influences in Malcolm's life, as Shorty and his friends we're the ones who introduced Malcolm to drinking , smoking marijuana, and gambling. At this time, Malcolm had bought his first “ Zzoot suit”. Also, Sshorty gaive him his first “cConk” a process by which the hair is straightened to look like a white man's. Analyzing how contenact contributes to the power of the text in chapter four4, the author describes how MalcolmMalkin becomes more aware of his own transformation. In Boston, “ own less inhibit People,” (p.60). Chapter 6 opens with a discussion of the numbers racket, which the white gangsters called “the nigger pool “ because most of the players were blacks. Malcolm describes the Harlem Underworld in how he finally became part of it after being fired from Smalls. In chapter 9, it Sstates that both align shorty we're impressed In the change of Malcolm. He was Pprofane, cynical,,and atheistic; Hhe describes himself as being “like a predatory animal” (#).He stayed high on drugs for some time, Bbut eventually decided to return to hustling. Chapter 11 is the part when Malcolm is in prison and he joins the religion of Islam. Malcolm continued his process of self-education, reading widely in history. Hhe concentrateds especially in books dealing with slavery and the history of the blacks in North
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