Malcolm X Speech Analysis

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It’s a war on words, Martin Luther king’s speech I have a dream compared to Malcolm X speech on the chickens come home to roost. Martin Luther king would reach out to his audience through the means of his optimism and emotion within his dream of equality for all men and women between races. Malcom X speech would reach his audience using a firm tone with a sense of realism being radical in his beliefs as he was in his solutions. During the time through the nineteen fifties and sixties where inequality was the issue with the black and white races two men worked towards making and impact in the united states. Both wanted to fix the segregation issues though both their means to do so where very different. They are different in the way they portray…show more content…
Martin Luther King speech on perspective says “now is the time to make justice a reality for all of god’s children.” Malcolm X speech declares that “honorable Elijah Muhammad warns us daily: the only permanent solution to Americas race problem is the complete separation of these 22 million ex slaves.” Martin Luther king’s intent with religion is to unite everyone by saying that we are of god’s creation. He does this in a very symbolic way. King gives his speech underneath the Lincoln Memorial, Abraham Lincoln being the president that enforced the 13th amendment setting slaves free. The choices of his words make Martin Luther King’s speech lean towards using pathos with words and symbols relating to everyone using emotion. Martin Luther king continues to use pathos in his speech with the symbolism like joining of hands as if everyone is family and uniting. Whereas Malcolm X uses religion and symbolism to get his view across to segregate the races. As X tells his audience that white people are of a devil race and not of his god and uses biblical references to Noah's Ark. With delivering his speech with intent of segregation by pointing out how sinners didn’t listen to Noah, metaphorically saying that white people are the sinners. He speaks to his audience with logos as he will quote using his mentor’s name Elijah Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad who teaches the segregation of
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