Malcolm X Talks To Young People Summary

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Malcolm X, who also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, was a prominent American Muslim human rights activist for those African-Americans in the United States. The book which I have chosen for my book review entitled “Malcolm X Talks to Young people” which comprises all his speeches in United States, Britain and Africa whereby his targeted audience was the youngsters. This book consist of all the original transcripts and excerpts of speeches produced by him to teenagers in the three countries which are the United States, Africa and Britain throughout the last year of his life. In my opinion, Malcolm X Talks to Young People is an immensely relevant and edifying for the youngsters nowadays as it gives impact to those adolescents as they reacted positively to the negotiation and he portrayed himself as the real case on what is actually going on in his country which is in the United States. Even though we know that the United States is a …show more content…

"If they make the Ku Klux Klan nonviolent, I'll be nonviolent. ... But as long as you've got somebody else not being nonviolent, I don't want anybody coming to me talking any kind of nonviolent talk." He noted that there is no point if only a group of people who is trying hard to become nonviolence, but on the other hand, there were also another group of people who do violence and this is where the topic of justice comes along and according to him, if the Whites are using violence, therefore, the Blacks also need to use violence. At the outset, I did not somehow agree with his judgement but as I go along, I really managed to read what he really stands for. From my own discernment, I conceived that what Malcolm tries to deliver is that when people attack us in any manner, we should somehow attack them back in a way to protect ourselves so that others will not simply oppress and use up an action to

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