Essay On Malcolm X Combinationism

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Dariya Oryn Final Paper: Malcolm X “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” talks about the life of Malcolm X through a number of perspectives. The readers are provided with historical, social as well as religious views on Malcolm X’s life. He was always in a state of transformation; he changed a number of roles before he was inspired fight against the enslavement ideology he lived in. By analyzing the biography of Malcolm X it can be said that all four types of combinationism are clearly presented. It is already mentioned that conversion played one of the most important roles in Malcolm X’s life. The essay is aimed at looking at this biography through the lenses of other combinationism types, such as rejection, acceptance, and acculturations. The instances of combinationism will be discussed as to make an argument of how they can be considered as important in his life. There are clear periods in the life of Malcolm X when he tried to assimilate white culture; he was trying to belong with them. In his early childhood Malcolm X was not very much aware of the stereotypes about black people, at that time he did not realize that a word such as…show more content…
The fact that Malcolm X tried to assimilate the white culture illustrate how normal it was for black people at that time. It might be said that the reason why they did so was to escape from the discrimination. It could be that by becoming more or less like white people, black people tried to feel equal to them. These acculturation instances are important in the life of Malcolm X because they can be considered as starting point for his later transition to a public speaker and activist. He used his personal experiences as to make sure that black people his is talking to will understand that he was just like them, but at the same time he wanted to show that they did not yet fully lost their identity and
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