Malcolm X's Fight For Freedom And Civil Rights

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Tyra Bruner
Professor Gina Crawford
English 101
11 March 2018
Malcolm X African Americans have come a long way to gain freedom and civil rights. Because of this, movements have taken place peacefully throughout history to obtain these opportunities. Prominent figures in society have fought for minorities to be free, represented, and understood. Although these privileges are now apparent in the world, for most, they are still presented with trials and tribulations that ultimately prohibit them from prospering in the same way as their counterparts. Malcolm X, an African American activist, and minister helped shaped the Civil Rights era by continuing his education to become an advocate for black rights, introducing his philosophies
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“Malcolm's immediate legacy was in the burgeoning black power movement in which he directly influenced the political development of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale" (Cuthbert-Kerr par 5). With an inspiration from X, both Newton and Seale organized the Black Panther, an association to further the fight for black rights. "Spike Lee's movie Malcolm X, manifested itself in the marketing of Malcolm's image, and the justification of anger and violence from young black males through rap music that was attributed from the teachings of Brother Malcolm” (Cuthbert-Kerr par 7). By influencing various organizations to movies and music, the legacy Malcolm X left behind was embraced fully. Individuals continue to bring awareness to black lives and their matters by standing firmly to help overcome living in a society full of…show more content…
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