Malcolm's Influence On Education

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Public schools in many ways are comparable to prisons. However, internal motivation something that cannot be trained or taught. Signaled, in Malcolm's autobiography, a man with a limited education that achieved a high level of literacy and education all attained by his self-education. More importantly, because of his internal strong motivation to learn . Prison for Malcolm was like a blessing in disguise for him, inside prison Malcolm's world opened up, possibly the best years of his life were spent inside a prison cell Although, Malcolm's internal motivation and self empowerment both can be attributed to some of his peers in prison like Bimbi, still, the true internal motivational inspiration Malcolm possessed was an innate hunger for knowledge and a strong desire to express his thoughts in writing. For…show more content…
From another perspective, we can argue that education does have a correlation with empowerment, but it is not clearly represented because if it that were true, every student coming out of school would be a confident person which is obviously not the case. Lastly, personality and personal influences followed by education are the true sources of internal self empowerment which of course are clearly seen in Malcolm. Without question, education propelled Malcolm to transform into a well respected man worldwide and inspirational for his people. Going back to my main point, it is obvious that Malcolm possessed a certain level of innate intelligence or possibly an unsustainable hunger for knowledge because to achieve personal growth on a self education path is stuff only reserved for a select group of
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