Malcom Little's Struggle

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May 19, 1925 Malcom Little was born in Omahaw, Nebraska to his parents Earl and Louise Little. In1928 the Little family moved to a home in Lansing, Michigan into a white supremacy neighborhood. Shortly after they moved in they were sued for eviction for living in a house that was only livable for Caucasians. On November 7, 1928 the house that they were living in got burned down. At the time no one knew who caused the fire, but later on Malcom came to Conclusion that a white supremacy group was behind it all. Earl Little moved his family to East Lansing and built a new home there for him and his family to live. One day Louise woke up with a bad feeling about Earl leaving the house. She begged him not to go out that day but he insisted that…show more content…
When he first moved to Boston he started working around town. After a few months he stopped working and became a hustler. While hustling in Boston he gained the nickname “New York Red”. For the next couple of years Malcom stayed in the business of hustling and just turned into the “bad boy” in town. Malcom became furious of the way things were handled with race. On October 25, 1943 Malcom spoke out saying that he wanted to go fight in the war, but not with America. He said that he wanted to fight with the Japanese to kill off all the whites. The courts found out about this and was not happy at all. In 1944 the courts gave Malcom 4 months in jail and a year of probation. When Malcom finally got out of all his trouble and out of jail he started to steal again. He joined a gang with 3 other white girls, one being his girlfriend. Throughout the year 1945, his crew and he went around stealing. In January of 1946 Malcom was charged with Grand Larceny. He served 6 years for this. In 1952 he was put out on…show more content…
He changed his last name to “X” to symbolize his rejection to slavery. After this Malcom X became a big part of the Nation of Islam. He became a very influential part in the Islamic religion. He was very dedicated to the Nation of Islam. He was moved around to quite a bit temples and made sure to make his mark on each on. “The Hate that Hate Produced” was a documentary created about Malcom X and the Nation of Islam. He was affiliated with the Nation of Islam until 1964 when he believed that it had reached as far as the religion could go. One of Malcom X’s first incident with Civil Rights was Johnson Hilson. Hilson was an African American that had gotten between 2 officers beating another African American trying to break it up but ended up just getting beaten too. Malcom X was a big supporter of HIlson and became known to speak for him and the Civil Rights. In April of 1964 Malcom went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He went here to go on a Muslim pilgrimage called the Hajj. He said that this was to open himself and have a spiritual change. When he returned he said that he believed he came back with a new look and
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