Male Body Simulation

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Cultural norms have been dictated by various trends across human history. Such trends are dictated by human interests, understanding and approval. An example of such trend is body depilation and current definition of modern male masculinity. This essay will discuss what is male body depilation, what are the general cultural norms that govern male masculinity and how print media has influenced the current concept of male body image. Not so long ago, it was considered to have truncal and facial hair as “manly”, attractive and acceptable. In comparison to men, it has been considered a norm for females to have no body hair except scalp hair. This has been considered as a symbol of female beauty. Digressing from such values led to social disapproval…show more content…
Increasing exposure of various male masculinity ideals in media has led to men comparing themselves with such examples, causing them to despise their own natural physique and suffer from depression (Agliata and Tantleff-Dunn 2004). Various subtypes of male gender identification such as metrosexual and heterosexual identities have had significantly influenced male body appearance. “Man-scaping” and body contouring has gained momentum, with male population indulging themselves in beauty product consumerism. This recent trend has been a result of rampant advertisement of male body hair as “unhealthy” and “less attractive.” This trend also draws its influence from a general conception of body depilation as a symbol of status in upper and middle class. Some articles have even stated body hair as medical health issue, and recommend body hair removal and trimming. Recent trends as mentioned in high-end journals such as Men’s Health and Esquire, narrate that body depilation is “masculine” per new definition and has a sex-appeal with women of current age and is a sign of cleanliness. Interestingly, some authors have linked male body hair growth as unruly nature, and by trimming or shaving them, a person gains control over the “chaotic” nature, exercising their power and displaying self-control (Immergut 2002). Due to the nature of body maintenance and the equipment required, people tend to utilize body depilation as a mean of reprising their social status, privilege, wealth and power. Another interesting aspect of the whole body depilation phenomenon is how corporate America might be partially responsible for it. By introducing the revolutionizing trend of “cultured” male, they were able to tap into unchartered market and were successful in increasing their
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