Male Control In Edith Wharton's Wide Sargasso Sea

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Robert Fanney once said " Dominance. Control. These things the unjust seek most of all. And so it is the duty of they just to defy dominance and to challenge control." Those who are dominant either seek others to control or the weak to challenge. Me show it to prove they are strong while woman show it to prove they are independent. It today society it is normal for there to be dominant woman while it is expected for men. Gender plays a dominant role in the depiction of mental illness..*FINSH LATER
In the film Wide Sargasso Sea, you notice the change taking place with the character Rochester. While living in Jamaica he starts to show signs of dominance behavior. Being cruel to Antoinette by renaming her "Malantoinette", making her feel unloved
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He made her feel what was happening to her where is her fault, which contributed to making her worse. "The novelist Edith Wharton was confined to a hotel room for four months, visited only by her nurses… The rest cure did little to cure the neurasthenia with which these women were diagnosed."(Madness 21) By forcing Antoinette to move to England, maybe it was for a good reason. England may have had better doctors that could help his wife get better and Rochester believe that living in Jamaica was the key factor of her condition worsening so he did what he thought was best.
Race play a dominant role in the depiction of mental illness. “Throughout U.S history, power and privilege has not been vested in just one gender over the other, but it one race over the others."(Madness 11) Antoinette has a relationship with the black community, especially with Christophe. She was taught with values of dominance and superiority. "In cultures dominated by colonialism define the subject race as different, not them as other"(Madness) By Rochester having sex with Amèlie it shows how white slave-owners back

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