Male Dominance In Hills Like White Elephants

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Widely portrayed in literature, male dominance has restricted female freedom and progression, as women have been struggling to establish themselves as equal for ages. Male dominance suppresses ideals within society that respect a woman’s personal decisions and rights to her own body and mind. This struggle can be displayed through various scenarios. Being a major theme throughout “Hills Like White Elephants”, male dominance is an aspect also present in “The Unwanted Child” as they portray the struggle of oppression women undergo. Stressed among both short stories, the idea that male dominance overpowers female feelings and needs can be related to various aspects of life, such as pregnancy. In “Hills Like White Elephants”, there is a couple aboard a train, discussing their options of whether or not to go through with an abortion. The man clearly exercises male dominance over the…show more content…
It’s not really an operation at all,¨ (Hemingway). This portrays male dominance, as he speaks to her in a very passive and condescending tone, as he belittles not only the procedure, but the woman’s feelings as well. The ignorance of the man enables him to completely neglect the physical and psychological effects the operation would have on Jig, as his dominant mentality prioritizes his wants, and his wants only. Coincidingly, “The Unwanted Child” displays the same ideal of male dominance, yet it is coming from a male in a position of authority, as opposed to a significant other. When visiting the gynecologist for a pregnancy test, Mary is subjected to the derogatory terms made by her own doctor, as he says: “Yes you’re pregnant...Congratulations, Mommy,” (Blew 43). By referring to the woman as “mommy”, the doctor is being extremely patronizing, as he is not taking her feelings into account when using the term. The doctor automatically assumes that having a baby is
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