Male Dominance In Sophocles Antigone

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Antigone, written by Sophocles, explores ideas that men are dominant, controlling everything that happens in their community while women are powerless, not allowed to speak their minds, and forced to obey men and have zero power. Creon the king symbolizes the traditional view of male dominance; he is an example of a poor leader since he only follows what he believes in and ignores opinions from others. Haemon, the king's son, has a different perspective on his father's opinions, thinking his father is wrong and that women should have equal rights. Through the contrast of Haemon’s and Creon’s opinions, Sophocles suggests that women should not be discriminated against and that they should have equal rights.
Creon believes that men are stronger
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Creon has detached himself from everyone meanwhile the whole city of Thebes is on Antigone side as well as the gods for standing up and burying her brother out of love, while also being fearless because she knew she could die from doing this act. The disagreement between Haemon and Creon leads Creon to a terrible point in his life where his immediate family dies right in front of him because of his stubborn ways. By the end of play, Sophocles shows that by breaking down barriers of the societal norms, she exposed herself, perswaying the people to look at Thebes from a different view, that women are not just objects, nor replaceable, women can be powerful. Because of her bravery and devotion, she won over everyone's hearts. Where as Creon was senseless about his actions and fixed in his views, he lost his power and regard of the people. Being an iron king, he had to lose his family members in order to change his perspective on his deeds. The contrasting roles between father and son are spoken to be said that women should have equal rights as well as that they can speak their mind and not be discriminated
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