Male-Female Relationships In Othello

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1. Consider one of the male-female relationships in Othello (Othello and Desdemona; Iago and Emilia; and Cassio and Bianca). Do they love or hate one another, or, is it both? How are the women treated in each relationship? Explain. Considering Iago and Emilia, their relationship are forced and detached. They lack mutual devotion towards each other, and the love seem one sided. lago treats Emilia as a tool and only approaches her when he can make use of her. He shows his inability of desiring or loving her by constantly mocking, affronting and neglecting Emila. However, she seems to love lago kindly with a passionate devotion, thus she is desperate to gratify him and accommodate his wishes. Her sole aspiration is to impress and please him. "Heaven knows, not I; I nothing but to please his fantasy." she said as she theif on Desdemona’s handkerchief. This great love, which is a redeeming trait in her personality and morality. Despite of her affection, she eventually recognizes Iago’s disinterest towards her and inequality in their marriage. “But I do think it is their husbands ' faults, If wives do fall. Say that they slack their duties.” She addressed. Considering the orientation of the…show more content…
She is bounded to him emotionally and inwardly, thus she invariably believes the best of him. Her utmost loyalty to him is a result of her naive, obedient and passive nature. Her love for him is unconditional, and her senses are dimmed due to her absolute devotion to Othello. Consequently, she approaches and analyzes his anger, and their arguments emotionally rather than logically. She was loyal to Othello even after he committed murder to her, which is utterly against the moral values . When Emilia ask Desdemona about the cause of her death, she replied with “Nobody. I did it myself. Farewell! Greet my husband for me. Farewell!” It is evident that she is entirely loyal to Othello regardless of rights or

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