Male Motivation In The Caribbean

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Having been heavily publicized throughout the 19th -20th centuries, the controversial argument of masculine underachievement remains in simplistic reference to “the evident decline in male academic accomplishment in contrast to the scholarly fortunes of their female counterparts”. If given authorization to plague the “multi- faceted” archipelago of the Caribbean, such may be resultant in the prevalence of social and economic turmoil. Sociological research on this educational phenomenon has provided circumstances birthed out of Barbados, Jamaica, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago, which have embarked upon various boulevards. The preceding work of Errol Miller(1991.97) and successor Odette Parry(2004) highlighted the consensus formed encompassing the issue of the decline in male participation and performance and…show more content…
Morris (1992) being harmonized by the notion of socialization, has simultaneously disputed the correlation between male inability to excel academically and the gender of tutors. Nevertheless, Bailey and Bernard (2003) and Barry Chevannes (1996) have made appreciative intellectual contributions regarding male ‘demotivation’ to aspire and the alteration in the socio-cultural climate respectively. By contrast, Professor Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh has advocated awareness to the psychological affiliation with this academic activity.

The duos of Caribbean sociologists have concluded that the initial origins of male underachievement emerged from the issue of the decline in male participation and accomplishment, being the aftermath of the system’s “feminization”. Errol Miller,
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