Male Privilege Checklist Research Paper

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The Male Privilege Checklist 1. As a child, chances are I was encouraged to be more active and outgoing than my sister. • I agree with this privilege because growing up I was always taught to better than my sisters. My family comes from a more conservative background so they believe in the idea of men being more active and outgoing than the women in order to take care of his household. Even in society, that idea is illustrated on TV shows, movies, as well as in schools. As a male you are taught at a young age to be more assertive and self-assured so that when you become an adult you are able to excel in your career and have a sense of power. 2. If I have sex with a lot of people, it won’t make me an object of contempt or derision. • I agree with this privilege because of how sex is perceived in today’s society. When speaking on sex it’s more acceptable when it comes from a man’s mouth rather than a woman. Also in society it is rare for men to be look down upon depending on how many people they have sex with, there more likely to be praised. Rather women are mocked, ridiculed, laughed at, and degraded. Heterosexual Privilege Checklist 1. I can walk in public with my significant other and not…show more content…
I have never been in a situation where I encountered co-workers in my workplace following white people around. However, whenever there is a young or old African American individual that comes in my job I notice the change in my co-workers. Majority of the time instead of following they would alert all the staff members in the store to watch and pay attention to the individual and would even make sure security is on standby. Every time this situation would take place I would always be in shock and in rage because the African American individual would leave the store not stealing or doing anything wrong, but in the minds of my co-workers that particular individual is looked at as a threat and a
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