Male Rape In Rape

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The well-known story of Adam and Eve was generally acknowledged by the public to be the story of human race’s origin. In the same story, God, a higher being, created a male to populate the world. Upon realizing that the man, Adam, was feeling lonely and isolated, God decided to create another being; a female to accompany him. The first female in the world, named Eve, was created when God drew a rib from Adam’s chest. From then on, Adam led their journey throughout the paradise of Eden. Nonetheless, after Eve was lured by an evil serpent into trouble, both Adam and Eve were thrown out of the paradise into the perilous reality of the world (Genesis 2-3 New International Version). Females’ vulnerability to evils
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One of the factors of the low number, if not entirely nonexistent, of cases resolved regarding prison rape is due to the fact that the public is still left unaware of the condition of the inmates is because of the lack of thorough reports filed regarding its occurrents. Whereas, the lack of reports can be traced back to the reality that, even in the 20th century, men are still deemed to be invulnerable and invincible towards any harm that others could inflict upon…show more content…
However, when he reported his case to the authorities, the officers are forced to acknowledge to the male victim that no case can be legally filed against his perpetrator due to the fact that even though male rape is a hideous offense, it remains to be legally unrecognized as a crime. In addition to that, same article also presented that although the police receive many reports regarding male rape, all those were either left buried under the depths of unresolved cases or have been settled with the minimum penalty possible because of the unfortunate fact that male rape is a crime unidentified as it is by the judicial
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