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In disney’s 2014 movie Maleficent ,Maleficent is both a good hero and a bad villain but more a hero. In the beggining she is good because she didn’t turn him away and love him.Maleficent is also both protagonist and antagonist because she is against stepon and is sometime against herself . One night he wanted to live in the castle so he cut maleficent wings off.Then she got mad and fought with the king and turned into a villain. The king died and stefon became the king he got married and had a kid named aurora.When aurora was a baby was cursed by maleficent to get back at stefon.This show that maleficent is both a good hero and a bad villain. In the end she is a good hero because she helps aurora break the curse by being her true loves kiss. When she was 16 stepon gave maleficent a true love 's kiss. Maleficent is a villain because she took it to far when she was mad at stepon when he took her wings.In the movie Maleficent she is bad because stepon cut off her wing and took them to the king to be put on display in the castle. This show maleficent is an antagonist . When he cut off her wings and…show more content…
In the beginning she loved stepon and she opened up to him and he loved her back. When they when to war she didn’t want to go to war the king wanted to be the king of everybody. When she saw the baby she didn 't let her fall off the mountain.Also she tried to reverse the curse 3 time but it didn 't work. This is why she is more a hero than a villain because she saves the little girl, even if she wants to hurt her .This shows that maleficent is and protagonist . All of this show that maleficent is a good hero than a bad villain. Maleficent and stefan had fallen in love and he had cut off her wings .Although she put curse on a baby that had done nothing wrong then she tried to break and she did.This is why she is more a hero than a good

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